Now that the world is getting smaller and we're living in a global town, speed-up has conquered distance; and time, finally, has annihilated space, a lot of minds choose the advancement of technology as something deadly for business. CIS however choose the positive narrative and make the most of this situation by changing the course of 'traditional' business to something that fit this amazing era.

Circle Indonesia Sejahtera is a global trading company focusing on export and import of all commodities. It also runs a lot of other business such as Tour & Travel, Business Consultation, Property, Furniture & Machinery Business, as well as some other social projects, with the helps of its partners.

The company is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It also has several offices outside Indonesia such as in Yemen, Turkey, Dubai and Africa.

One of the core principles of CIS is that "Relationship Matters". In here, other than thriving to provide clients with high quality products and using the best facilities, the team also put a lot of concerns on the services rendered. As we say, the sales can go up and down, but service should stay up forever.

Director’s Message

Seeing this connected world, looking at people doing the same things, having almost the same experience of this globalized world, I won’t be surprised if one day in the near future we’ll have one flag that governs this Global Citizen. Pondering over how the world is becoming more globalized has brought me as an entrepreneur as well as an individual to finding ideas in order to adapt with this new demand. And that’s how CIS was manufactured, in my old mind. A circle of trusted passionate people who have the same purpose in trading, believing in the same principles of humanity, sharing benefits and spreading lots of lots of positivity to this world.

But being an entrepreneur can be tiresome, a lot of entrepreneurs get depressed sometimes especially when things are not working out.Very few of us know that these are the ingredients of success, and that success needs a bit of depressions, burnt-out moments, struggles, and some failures. What's helped me succeed over the years is that I'm persistent and that I don't stop moving.

I like to see this world as a land of opportunities, and that was really the mindset that get CIS built up and run until today. Everyone and especially yourself will present to you excuses of why things don't go the way you wanted. You'll get crazy over these excuses and eventually die until you shift your focus to making improvements.

A lot of people think that entrepreneurship is something you can work out individually, that it's something about 'you'. Well, let me be the first and among the few to admit that there's nothing I could've achieved without the help of my team. It's been a pleasure to stand over my Giant Team in CIS, and working with our Amazing Partners. I can't be more impatient to knowing more people and venturing on a lot more opportunities, seeing potentials and talents coming ahead!


Global Trade

Following a lot of innovations that create advancements in today’s age, our horizon keeps broadening, making us feel like the world is getting smaller. CIS took this opportunity early on by focusing on Global Trade: Export and Import. We are committed to provide you the best products in the world with the most economical price […]

Business Consultancy

The complicated system in government sometimes can shut down a lot of great minds who come with amazing ideas. A lot of people could literally change the world and the course of our life to the better but had to stop in legality issues. We are here to ease anyone of you planning on opening […]

Tour & Travel

We are believers of open-mindedness and have been a fan of traveling for it’s fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Our work in this area includes: Planning, Booking (Accommodation & Transportation) and most importantly Hosting to give you the most unforgotten memory of your journey.


A lot of advantages come with charcoal as we base our company in Indonesia, land of tamarind trees. Charcoal production has been the favorite commodity for our export.


Other than having decades of experience in the furniture business, from choosing the woods, making the designs as well as literally crafting them to form your chairs, tables, cupboards and what not; we also love to selling them, picking out the best of them for you.


Starting from an admiration of the works of machines and the obvious big demand on machines in the recent years, we partnered up with one of the best machine suppliers in Indonesia to providing what the future will look like.


The market of property in Indonesia is quite big, especially at this time. There are only 500K units of houses provided by the developers per year, while the demand can reach 10 M. If we look at the opportunity in the market, there’s even more that we need fulfill. This sets us up to doing […]

CIS Team


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